My faith is shaking.
June 29, 2010 @ Tell me - It's not superficial.

There once was a time if i just closed my eyes, I could see us together as one. However as time goes by, these days seems to be gone.

No matter how hard i've been trying, the truth is so hard to see.
The hugs and kisses, i hope they are not superficial.

June 09, 2010 @ 396 days with you.
For all the nights i stayed up awake with Boyf, seeing him so restless really breaks my heart.

Merv : "I cannot sleep again !"
Steph : "Why ?"
Merv : "Cause i think i got work again tml, if only i can sleep and wake up and it's friday already."

It's all about work he said. But because of the so many things happening around the both of us recently, I cannot help but think that yes, he is just beside me but his mind is wandering off somewhere else.

Nevertheless, i still wanna write down 100 reasons why i love Boyf :

1. Because you are my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night.
2. The way you give me awesome hugs.
3. The way you stand by my side, it's as if nothing will harm me.
4. How you are always understanding with me even when i dont deserve it.
5. The way you kiss me goodbye every morning before going to work.
6. The way you never gave up on me no matter how intolerable i get.
7. How much you & i share in common together about everything.
8. How you can always make me laugh or smile even at times when i dont want to.
9. Your crazy voices, sounds, imitations.
10. The way you look at me when you think im not looking.

11. The way you make sure i have everything i need.
12. How you always help me when i need or ask you to and sometimes even when i dont ask.
13. How you are always concerned about me.
14. The way you call me baby.
15. The way you liven up a room just by being in it.
16. The way you look when you're all dressed up.
17. Your strong hands that always help me carry things.
18. The fact that there is nobody else in the world like you.
19. The way you make me feel about myself.
20. The fact that you were willing to take a chance on me.

21. The sweet gifts that you've given me.
22. The heart-touching sms-es you've sent me.
23. How i can forgive you over and over for doing something wrong.
24. The fact that when im around you i can be myself and not worry of how u would think of me.
25. The way you laugh, (sometimes) so horrible.
26. How you can drive all the way to my place to see me for just 10 minutes.
27. How you always try to scare me when i least expected it.
28. The amazing way we always seem to be able to read each others minds.
29. Your extreme patience with me even when i push it to the limits sometimes.
30. The way you laugh at me when i cry, when there's nothing to cry about.

31. How cute and adorable you can be.
32. The fact that you've seen my good and bad sides and that you still love me anyway.
33. Your selflessness for everyone around you.
34. Your confidence.
35. Your generosity, not towards me only but to everyone else.
36. The way you hold me.
37. The way it just doesnt feel the same when you are not by my side.
38. How we complete each others thoughts.
39. The fact that i cannot imagine a day without you in my life.
40. How you say the cutest things over and over and it never gets old.

41. The way u stare at me (sometimes!) like im the most beautiful girl in the world.
42. Your amazing voice.
43. The way you treat my sisters/friends as if they were yours.
44. The look on your face when you're sleeping.
45. The way you are not embarrassed to say or do anything in front of me.
46. The look you make when you get jealous.
47. Your ability to make me feel better when times are tough.
48. Your demanding attitude.
49. How i can ask you silly questions with you giving me silly answers.
50. How you listen to me talk for hours when i'm drunk because i know you'll listen anyway.

51. The smell of your cologne.
52. The way you reach for me in your sleep.
53. The way i can give you food during our meals.
54. The way we can talk for hours about nothing.
55. How i would do anything for you to make you happy.
56. The way you look when you are driving.
57. The way you move when you dance.
58. Your fun loving character.
59. The fact that i can go on and on about you to my friends be it good or bad.
60. Your seriousness to certain things.

61. The way you say hi B!! when you call during your smoke breaks at work.
62. Your intelligence.
63. The way you wrap your arms around me and hold me really tight.
64. The way you tease me although sometimes it gets me jealous instead.
65. The way you can drive out to get ice-cream/chocolates when i crave for it.
66. The way you look when you are in sleep wear and spectacles.
67. The way your lips barely touch mine for a kiss.
68. The way everyone sees how much we love each other.
69. Your ability to talk things through.
70. Your wild side.

71. The fact that i can depend on you.
72. How your body feels against mine.
73. How you always watch out for me.
74. The ways you choose to show your affection for me.
75. Your gentleness with me.
76. The annoying fact that you are right most of the time.
77. The times when you were determined for me not to be mad at you anymore.
78. How you are always good at everything.
79. The fact that your weight is 2 times of mine.
80. The fact that you aren't afraid to cry.

81. Your wonderful smile.
82. The fact when i do something you dont like, you tell me in a loving way.
83. The way you can laugh at anything even when it's not funny.
84. The way you breathe when you sleep.
85. How you never let my hands go.
86. The way we finish each others sentences.
87. The way you give massages.
88. Your boldness.
89. The way you keep your cool when i do something stupid.
90. The little looks you give me when we are around friends.

91. The way you kiss me on my cheeks and the way i kiss you on yours.
92. The way you pinch my cheeks.
93. The way you've opened up your heart and life to me.
94. The fact that you refuse to ever completely grow up.
95. How your hair feels when it goes through my hands.
96. Your willingness to share everything.
97. Your ability to make friends wherever you go, because you're so loveable.
98. The utter lack of interest in what people think of you.
99. The way our hands fit into each others just before falling asleep.
100. You, just being you.

Bonus reason 101. The fact that this list was so easy to write, but also so hard because i had to limit myself to 100 reasons when i could come up with more. Happy 13 months baby. I'm sorry i couldnt afford nearly as much as u deserved on this special day. Just wanted to give you a glimpse of all the love in my heart. I love you.

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